My Favorite Rod and Reel

For every angler having the best rod and reel is ideal. Before I set out for fishing, I always make sure I am well prepared for the adventure. This is by having my rod and reel ready for what is ahead. There are certain qualities that I always make sure that my rod and reel have. This makes sure that it is dependable at all times.

Nowadays, when going out to look for the best rod and reel combo you will find it a little bit difficult. There are a lot of good quality products in the market. You will find that almost all of them will be meeting the qualities that you require for your ideal rod and reel combo. This will leave you in a dilemma. For me, because I have been through such a situation a number of times; I always go for Plussino Spinning rod and reel combo. This combo is my favourite because it has the features that get me through with what I want even when I feel unsure of what I want.


One of the most important considerations that I made before deciding on my choice was the material it was made using. Through the years, the manufacturers have been perfecting the materials they use to manufacture it. This is making it even better. It is manufactured using fiberglass combined with carbon fibre. This has made it stronger and more durable. As it is with many products from the same manufacturer, small parts of it are made of high-quality plastic.

The guide inserts that are on the rod are put in place using aluminium oxide. The seats on the reels are constructed using stainless steel. This prevents them from rusting in both sea and salty water. They always appear shiny even under the threat of rust.

The rod

I prefer Plussino most because of its rod which is made out of a combination of fibre and fiberglass. This makes it very durable and strong. The material is very important for it. It does not rust or corrode no matter the environment it is in. it is ideal in both salt and fresh water. Nobody can remain less than impressed with this. The end of the pole is also fitted with a grip which really enhances its handling when fishing. It is also light in weight though stronger making it more comfortable for everyone.

The reel

The reel I use is model HA3000. It is one of the latest reels in the market hence has the most advanced features. It has a gear ratio of 5:2:1 like most of the others in the market. The anti-reverse handle that it has makes it very comfortable with users who struggle with the sinking of solid hooks. The strength of a solid hook makes it very efficient especially when the fish strikes. The most important quality in it is that it has a computer-balanced rotor which makes the user have an easy time. The stress of looking for the numbers of bearings in a reel is now over. It is not as stressful as it used to be. The reel is never jerky. It’s very precise. This makes it one of a kind for me.

To sum up, this fishing combo is all I ever wanted. It has made fishing to be a very exciting experience for me. I am looking forward to many years of adventure with this.