Day: June 11, 2018

Tips on Pike Fishing

In Europe and the coastal parts of USA, Pike fishing is becoming increasingly popular among the people. This has made the people involved to develop ways for catching the fish which is normally known to be hard fighting. The methods used to catch Pike include jerk building, lure fishing, and dead baiting among others. These methods are considered to be very effective because the fish being caught is always determined to fight and rarely gives up.

As I discussed previously in my other articles, pike fishing is usually very effective during the spring and a bit during the winter when the big pike moves to the shallow areas which are normally weedy. They remain there as they feed on the other fish species that may be found on those other weedy areas. They also stay there to spawn. The young ones of the pikes often remain in the shallow areas to protect themselves and also to be able to get the small fish for their food. During the summer, as discussed in a previous article the pikes are very inactive they retire to deeper places so as to get protection cover. With this idea, all anglers should be able to know how to position themselves for angling during summer and winter. The following are some of the tips that you have to keep in mind whenever you go out to fish for pike.

Use float tubes. This has become a very popular way of fishing for pikes on small to medium sized still waters. The float tubes are very efficient, more than any other method that involves water access when fishing.

Do not catch the pikes with your bare hands when fishing for catch and release. Dry hands can easily damage the mucus on the bodies of the pikes. When the mucus has been damaged, the fish can easily die due to possible infections.

Always unhook the pikes with great care. This is because they have a number of teeth which are very sharp. This calls for you to use barbless trebles which are very simple to use when angling for pikes.

When sport-fishing for pikes you should keep them out of water for the shortest time possible. Out of water it should be handled with a lot of care and be given extra time for recovery even when weighing and photographing it.

It is not acceptable to use live fish for bait when pike fishing. This has been banned in many countries because it has been endangering the lives of other species of fish. Though there are some types of fish such as sardines which are allowed to be used as baits in some water bodies.

When fishing most fishermen tend to use small lures especially when applying luring method. This is not effective most of the times because pike has a greater preference for larger prey. For this reason, fishermen should also use small and lighter lures when fishing for smaller pikes in shallow waters.