What a Long Night

Anyone who goes fly-fishing, or any other kind, loves the outdoors and fresh air. This is part of the great appeal of catching fish, not to forget how great it tastes grilled fresh on the campfire. You don’t know how bad the alternative is to clean air until you find yourself in a house full of cigar or cigarette smoke. If you aren’t use to it, you find that you can hardly breathe. This is the inevitable consequence of a night of poker with your fishing buddies. It happened to be my house that came to reek of an unmistakable, distinctive odor after last week’s game. Well, it was hardly tolerable, and I set about finding the quickest, most effective way to eliminate any telltale sign of my friends’ nasty habit.

Yes, angling is a sport, buy my pals don’t all treat themselves like athletes. Many smoke while floating idly on the water waiting to hook their prey. They say it is relaxing, but I find that the act of casting a rod is enough. At least no one complains about their house, except maybe for Mother Nature. They are polluting the wonderful Scottish loch environment, but I am in no position to put a halt to an age-old tradition. This blog is my only recourse at the moment.

After a brief hunt, I found many remedies for cigarette smoke with varying degrees of success, which was when I discovered the tips at https://www.nomoresmokesmell.net/. You can light matches or candles if you like the vibe. Many resort to spray air fresheners that come in all kinds of scents. Opening the doors and windows is obvious, but this just lets out the camouflaging smell. A friend brought over some essential oil mixture, but it was pretty strong. She offered another “flavor” like eucalyptus, but I declined. Let her keep it to use in her wash. It wasn’t an easy process to air out the room, and some smell remained after trying all the tips and tricks in the world. I have had it with hosting a card game at my house. While I don’t mind the long night, I hate the long, frustrating cleanup the next day.

I am going to think of a way to campaign for a healthy environment—probably a concept completely at odds with card playing. A sympathetic soul at work says to offer sweet treats for a snack instead of salty items. Cigarettes and cigars don’t go at all with sugar in any form. I am skeptical, but I will give it a try. If it works, I will spread the word fast for all those of you out there facing the same problem.