The best season to fish for pike

For many people who fish for pike, there has been always an unending debate of when to fish. There are some who have been fishing for pike summer some something which has made others contradict them. Most say it is much favourable to fish for pike in colder winter something which I also support. Looking back at the previous years you realize that most people who fish in the winter are the ones who gain most.

During the summer, the water temperatures are warm. In this time of the year, the pikes are very active. This because of the warmth. They happen to gobble with the bait making it very difficult to catch them. They are very violent at this time and they fight harder to resist the bait.

However, when the temperatures keep rising, the oxygen-carrying capacity of the water keeps decreasing and with this there comes a lot of challenges. When this continues happening the pike will be distracted and thus it will keep fighting till it gets exhausting. It will get exhausted relatively quicker because of the low oxygen-carrying capacity of the water. After they are captured, it can take a lot of time for them to recover. At times they are unable to recover ending up dying. Mortality rates for pikes should be low, this calls for all fishermen who go fishing for pike to be extra-careful to avoid causing their death. A pike mainly dies if it has been played for a long time till it gets over-exhausted or it has been kept out of water for a long time.

In the winter, the water temperatures are generally cooler, at this time the pikes are lethargic hence there are no problems. At this time some recommend that you should not fish until when the pike gets frosty, some also advise that it is ok to fish for pike all the year round. In my option, I think that this will be more dependent on the water you are fishing in at that time of the year. In a water dam or reservoir, it is most notable that the temperatures are low than that of a shallow river in a lowland. It is very better and convenient to fish at such a time. Personally, I fish for pike in the summer, I mainly do this on glacial lakes, northern rocks, and big water reservoirs. I always do my best to avoid hot weather days in such seasons.

Meanwhile, you need to have your specified tactics on how to handle your fishing activities. In the summer you can catch pike on dead and live baits but there is always a tendency of pikes to gobble the baits at such a time in the year. This usually forces us to apply deep hooking which is usually very dangerous for the pikes thus being discouraged.

You need to be sure of what you are doing. When using a lure or a fly you will be in direct contact with the fish at the first strike, avoid the risk involved and have all the tools you may need at hand.

In conclusion, when you go for pike fishing know what to anticipate for particularly relating to the season at that time. This will get you ready for your adventure in pike fishing.